Color Management

Step 1: Calibrate Your Monitor

To ensure that your colors and black levels are accurate, it’s absolutely essential that you calibrate your monitor. Calibrating your monitor will allow you to see images the way they were meant to be seen. Whatever you do, don’t skip this step.

We highly recommend calibrating your monitor using a colorimeter. A few that we recommend are i1DisplayPro, ColorMunki Display, or ColorMunki Smile.

Step 2: sRGB Color Space

When you submit your files through our software, they should always be in sRGB format. Using other formats can create a less desirable result. And since quality is important, it’s best to stick with sRGB.

Step 3: Download and Embed ICC Profiles

Accuracy is essential when ordering for clients. You can’t afford to make mistakes. To ensure that what you submit is what we print, look for the product that you’re planning to order from the list below. Then, click to download the ICC profile instructions. Follow the step-by-step guide to guarantee that our color management is accurate.

Canvas Wraps Floating Canvas Flush Mount Album Lustre Paper Metallic Paper

If you prefer not to download our ICC profiles, we strongly recommend that you allow our highly trained, rockstar color experts to color correct your order. If you would like to use this option, please note it on your order.

More Instructions: